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    clean mumbai green mumbai essay

    Students of St Augustine's High School were enthusiastic after they cleaned their schools and were eager to step out to ensure that the city is also maintained clean.Yeh I agree completely Mumbai is the worst place to live in absolutely inert local govt absolutely inert I tell u the ground realities its like apply apply absolutely no reply I am living in kandivali west lalji pada area its very much dissatisfying why bcoz the concerned authorities are irrecptive unresponsive particularly in the area of noise pollution the worst take my words numbeo even among the pollution the noise pollution is the most painful and now it pinches in reality especially during the local festivals and the election time and during rest time even during the night it comes from mosque and masjid the ground reality of Mumbai is worse .Clean and green Mumbai is a long-cherished dream of most of the Mumbaikars but none of us have a clue when this dream will turn into a reality as pollution is increasing and greenery is dwindling with every passing day.clean and green mumbaiclean means the thing or other important thing which we kept waste material in a fixed place to make our environ ment beautiful.World Environment day has become another ritual which has to be gone through without making any concrete decisions or actions to actually do something for the betterment of our environment .Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh also known as land of God is the heaven in earth and one of the most beautiful, green and clean city of India.“We keep on organising plant exhibitions from time to time which helps in creating environmental awareness.With its large migrant population and local enterprise, this city is the most cosmopolitan of the metros in India. The green cover can be restored by taking up tree plantation in various localities ,open areas on war-footing by involving schoolchildren , common man and senior citizens in particular.Recently BMC have created artificial ponds for immersion of idols so that water does not get polluted .There are tons of free term papers and essays on Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai Essay For Kids on Cyber
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    clean mumbai green mumbai essay

    The need of the hour is to restore the green cover by stopping haphazard construction activities , banning of illegal quarrying and prevention of mangrove destruction.A single tree suffices so many of our needs but how many of us realize that one fine day when this resource of trees finish their self less service to us, we will be left empty handed staring into a blank future.Especially in a city like Mumbai where development is the middle name of infrastructure, it is very important for people to realize the alarming rate at which the green cover is disappearing.It enjoys a distinctly tropical climate and has a new, vibrant culture that reflects the affluence and energy of the people. No we cannot stop it completely but we can reduce it to certain extent.Radhe Guru Ma aka Barbie Doll Guru swatibingi hay, radhe guru ma plz halp me my life & i am a pour girle & 12 th student.Did you know that by this year (2015), over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are in our oceans?Present at the event were Principal Dr Ajay Nathani, Chandrashekhar Kamble, President Student's Council RPI (A), Nitin Mane, Sunil Budhwant, Mumbai Vice-President Ravi Tambe, RPI (A).Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious project to make India a clean country, aims to teach citizens to reduce and even clean their own waste.I would like to share some ideas on promoting Yoga in India and internationally : - Yoga should be taught in schools and colleges across India . Studies in USA have shown how Yoga when taught to children has had dramatic effects on their well being .

    We also have a wide variety of research papers and book reports available to you for free.Indian cities are growing very fast in terms of technology, infrastructure, environment and clearing.Gone are the old penguin-shaped dustbins at corners in the city, the sleek new bins have wet and dry waste option.Deteriorating quality of life, growth of informal sector, degradation and deprivation of open spaces, destruction of the environment and the abuse of the ecological assets including water bodies have rendered our cities into a regrettable state.Mumbai is also known as thecommercial capital of India. The first planned hill city LAVASA, which is also one of the best going green city in India and Chandigarh is considered as “Ever green city of India”.Here are five easy ways you can help keep beaches clean, public, and accessible so they’ll be enjoyable for everyone, including the next generation of people and wildlife: 1.

    clean mumbai green mumbai essay clean mumbai green mumbai essay

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