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    difficulty of learning english essay

    If you don’t understand what the other person is saying, it’s difficult to reply.This paper reflects on one of the lessons I have facilitated in teaching students of English as a foreign language how to write and it reviews the literature that has been concerning writing and learning of foreign languages.This study will explore the research in order to investigate what have been mentioned about the theories which support the interference of the native language.Most of us who have tried it probably feel that learning a new language is difficult, even if that new language is similar to our own.This could also explain why learners still have problems with grammatical functions most of the time, although they have eleven years of English language exposure.Learners make errors in learning L2 because they get interference by their L1 habits.Moreover, because the phonology of oneÆs native language is so deeply rooted, it will be difficult for the speaker of French to shift pronunciation of these diphthongs so that they more closely approximate a native English speakerÆs pronunciation of them.Given the fact that many of the words we use in English stem from Latin and Ancient Greek words – in common with many other European languages – what is it about English that has attracted this reputation for being so fearsomely difficult?Knowing the importance of English, I study about it in the university. But, I still make mistakes when pronouncing some words such as focus, target, method, etc.Many English learners say that listening is more difficult than any other skills.This Wikibook will act as a very useful guide showing how difficult learning any particular language you have set your eyes on is.
    • There are some difficulties with vocabulary, writing essay, using different. of mother tongue on difficulties of learning English as a foreign language such as the.
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    • Page. The Importance of Learning a Second Language in Schools. I believe that English as a Second Language, or ESL, is beneficial to humanity as a whole.
    • Free learning english papers, essays, and research papers. The English is one of the most difficult things in the United State when you come to this country.

    difficulty of learning english essay

    A lot of students tell me their biggest difficulty is speaking English, and today I’m going to tell you why speaking is so hard.My Problem When Learning English Studying is important thing in my life.While this is not a listing of rules or policies, it contains information about an important Wikibooks process, custom etc.Introduction Writing is an integral part in the learning of a foreign language.English has a crazy spelling system and it seems like every word makes up its own pronunciation rules, because English has borrowed so many words from other languages.Video Transcript: Hi, this is Shayna, the teacher from Espresso Unless you’ve been brought up speaking English, how can you possibly begin to learn all these oddities? The numerous exceptions make it difficult to apply existing knowledge and use the same principle with a new word, so it’s harder to make quick progress.A person who wants to learn a new language should not shy and be confident.First, what relation do Mandarin and Cantonese have, and why should they be compared? " In order to answer the first question, a little background on Chinese language is needed.For example, a native speaker of French who begins to learn English will have problems with the phonological aspects of English that diverge most sharply from French, such as the two different forms of the English diphthong ôthö.

    From this point of view, it is true that English is important to our daily life.They will use their L1 while learning L2 and this cause error in their learning.Here are 5 of the biggest challenges people must face when learning to speak and write English: English Grammar is complex, making it difficult to remember, master and use logically.In order to know how to read the spelling you have to know which language it comes from or have previously heard the correct pronunciation.You're probably too used to english to even think about the tact that there still is a lot to learn and how complex it actually is.Give reasons and examples to support your response? If a person wants to learn then he or she will have to pass from very difficult ways.I think there are many difficulties of learning a new language.

    difficulty of learning english essay difficulty of learning english essay

    Difficulties of Learning English as aForeign Language Among.

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