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    essay on muslims backwardness

    Fortunately two retired IPS Officers namely Ram Kumar Ohri and Jai Prakash Sharma took it upon themselves to question alleged Muslim backwardness along with details of status of poor Hindus and UPA’s divide and rule schemes. It has become fashionable in India today to blame the Government for all our ills. In other words, adding one idea to the others can make the whole collection more effective because some ideas work synergistically.- On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center came crashing down due to Al-Qaeda attacks.Such is the hype created that when Muslims in Tamil Nadu protested against the release of Kamal Hassan’s movie Vishwaroopam the first point made by a Muslim leader whilst speaking to a TV Channel was, do you know how poor the Muslims in Tamil Nadu are? To my mind focusing on the economic etc aspects of one community is wrong. Sura [ Surat Al-Hadid ] Aya [7] Believe in Allah and His Messenger and spend out of that in which He has made you successors.Importantly, the Islamist movement’s power and appeal also derives from its ability to claim that it is advancing both justice and freedom—political ends that the majority of Muslims naturally want for themselves.Unlike the Hindu caste system, where it is easy to discern the stratification, caste identities among Muslims are not defined rigidly, making any study of the prevailing system that much more difficult.That Hindus and Muslims had always fought one another, that Indians were destined to be ruled by foreigners, that their religion and social life were degraded and uncivilised making them unfit for democracy or even self-government.For complete essay please write down your e-mail id in the comment box below so that we could send it to you.I am here today to clear the name of Muslims and what Islam’s views are on peace, Jihad and terrorism.Muslim societies thus face an ideological quagmire; they desperately need a reform agenda movement that is consistent with their deepest faith traditions, but they have yet to successfully formulate an alternative to Islamism that can sustain a pluralistic, participatory politics.
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    essay on muslims backwardness

    It is a history filled with clashes and confrontation, competition and challenge, admiration and hatred, acceptance and rejection, and a host of other conflicting feelings, attitudes, and experiences.Many Islamists are able to justify their struggle and their violence by presenting their agenda as the only legitimate pathway for social and political reform.John of Damascus, to the Crusaders, the Andalusian (coexistence), or the fascination of American transcendentalists with things Islamic in the manner of their German master Goethe, the two worlds of Islam and the West have for the last fourteen centuries negotiated various modes of sharing world history.CUARO MAY 2012 Introduction The Maranaos are traditional people whose rich cultural practices continue to perplex even social scientists.Muslim women believe that hijab is obligatory by God and that it does not restrict their freedom, though non-Muslims who are ignorant to Islamic teachings state that Islam and Muslim men are oppressing their women and denying them their rights.As the founder of Aligarh movement, he is ranked among the greatest Muslim reformers of the 19th century.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------RADHASYAM BRAHMACHARI Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 2 By Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari More Muslims are urban than the National Average: India's population is predominantly rural.The basic reason for the backwardness of the Muslims is that we have stopped applying the principles of Islam whereas the entire world is applying them.From the earliest polemics of Theodore Abū Qurrah, Bede, and St.Muslims constitute 13.4 per cent, Christians 2.3 per cent, Sikhs 1.9 per cent, Buddhists 0.8 per cent and Parsis 0.07 per cent of the country’s total population.

    The way you pray is displayed as different ways you put your body.“If this statement of the PM had come earlier, perhaps the BJP members would not have got suspended,” remarked KCR referring to suspension of all five Bharatiya Janata Party members from the Assembly for disrupting the proceedings to protest hike in quota for Muslims.His keen interests were wide-ranging, and included political science, art, archeology and Thomistic philosophy.“It augurs well,” said Rao about Modi’s remark which he made while intervening during a discussion on the Backward Commission at the BJP’s National Executive meeting at Bhubaneswar.We are not only lacking in the field of technology and science but we are now even presented as the most dangerous people in the world as people perceive as people with no sense.He came from a wealthy family which was well known and respected in the area.In 1961, while overall only 18.0% of the population lived in urban areas, 27.1% of the Muslim population did so.

    essay on muslims backwardness essay on muslims backwardness

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