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    essay on ozone layer

    It is present in traces less than 1 ppm) in the atmosphere.The atmosphere absorbs the energy from the Sun, recycles water and other chemicals, and works with the electrical and magnetic forces to provide a moderate climate.It has a pleasant concentration at about 2 ppm or less, but higher concentration is irritating. In nature O is formed in the stratosphere when ultraviolet light strikes an oxygen molecule.Yet before the problem can be understood the composition of the ozone layer must be discussed. "Its sub-behavioral concept is Technology, which has made tremendous changes in the modernized world. Climate is a natural consequence in which all the human beings exist."(Technology and Environment page 25).This helpful ozone is found in the stratosphere, which is the atmospheric layer just above where life exists and weather occurs.Learn more about the process, causes, and effects of ozone layer depletion.It is made up of high concentration of ozone (o3) as compared to other regions of the atmosphere.Later on in the century, further studies were made to reveal its properties. This laid the foundation for the ozone layer observation (Parson 2003). Molina issued the first warning with regard to the danger of the ozone-depleting substances (ODS), the most widespread of which is chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (Parson 2003).In 1785, researchers working with early, arcing electrical discharge devices had noted ozone’s peculiar odor (Christie 195).In contrast, common oxygen is two oxygen atoms held together by strong bonds that produce the stable O2 molecule.
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    • Here is your essay on ozone layer depletion! Ozone O3 is a triatomic form of oxygen. It is found largely in the stratosphere that extends from about 6.
    • Essay on ozone layer protection. The ozone layer is a thin protective layer located in the stratosphere approximately 25-35 km from the Earth’s surface.

    essay on ozone layer

    It reaches over 560 kilometers (348 miles) from the surface of the Earth, so we are only able to see what occurs fairly close to the ground.It is formed when oxygen molecules absorb ultraviolet photons, and undergo a chemical reaction known as photo dissociation or photolysis.It has a peak concentration (10 mg kg Ozone has been the most reactive form of molecular oxygen and the fourth most powerful oxidizing agent.The suns rays are absorbed by the ozone in the stratosphere and thus do not reach the Earth.The ozone layer absorbs 99-97 percent of the medium frequency ultraviolet light from the sun that would result to damaging of the exposed forms of life near the surface.The good news is that bans on CFCs have significantly slowed the growth of the ozone hole.Free Environment research papers were donated by our members/visitors and are presented free of charge for informational use only.Ozone Depletion Essay ozone depletion is a serious problem presently facing the world.The canopy of ozone layer is with variable extent less dense near the surface of the Earth compared to the height of 30 km.Money and time are being spent on ozone repair, but the problem still exists.

    And it contains a special ingredient called ozone that filters the solar radiation.THE PROBLEM (INTRO) The poisoning of the Earth's ozone layer is increasingly attracting worldwide concern for the global environment and the health effects of life on the Planet Earth.“The atmosphere, solar energy, and our planet’s magnetic fields support life on Earth.The layer of the Earth's atmosphere that surrounds us is called the troposphere.Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Ozone Layer Depletion’ especially written for school and college students.About 90% of the planet's ozone is in the ozone layer.The ozone layer is necessary to both plant and animal life on earth because it protects the surface from dangerous ultraviolet light.

    essay on ozone layer essay on ozone layer

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