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    essay on the irish potato famine

    The Irish, however, believed the English had sabotaged their efforts to industrialize.A test was done and in just 3 hours a leaf went from healthy green to sickly brown with many holes in it.The Irish Potato Famine was the worst tragedy in the history of Ireland.Although the majority of its people could not hold office, Ireland still had its own parliament up until the 1801.Those views formed mainly through information fed to world news agencies by the British government, the ruling power in Ireland at the time.The potato was the staple food if the Irish poor, and when potato blight devastated the harvest several years in row, the consequences were catastrophic. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Now normally this might not seem like such a serious thing, but the Irish had come to almost totally depend on the potato for all their food.First and foremost was the lop-sided distribution of land ownership.It was in September 1845, when the Dublin Evening Post reported that there was “a disease in the potato crop”.[tags: potato famine, great famine, irish farmers] - The Irish Potato Famine occurred in 1845 and had killed tons of people.
    • The Irish Potato Famine and Emigration Essay. The Great Famine Irish an Gorta Mór, anˠ ˈgɔɾˠt̪ˠa mˠoːɾˠ or the Great Hunger was a period of mass.
    • Livi-Bacci, Massimo 1991, Population and Nutrition An Essay on European Demographic History. Hunger on Trial An Activity on the Irish Potato Famine.
    • Great Potato Famine Essay - The Irish Potato Famine occurred in 1845 and had killed tons of people. Essay on The Great Famine of Ireland - During the.
    • Instead of allowing the tenant farmers to stay on the land while the potato crop failed, they ejected. You only need to look at the Irish Potato Famine.

    essay on the irish potato famine

    Also known as the Great Famine, which occurred in Ireland, this famine created a mass occasion of starvation, emigration, and disease.The outcome of the famine would result in hundreds of thousands dead, an failure of the economy in Ireland, and millions of emigrants forced to leave their home and country just to try to survive.To see why this was important you have to look at a little bit of pre-famine history in Ireland.When the fungus, Phytophthora infestons, had run its course at least 1 1/2 million, possibly as many as 2 million, Irish had died and another 1 1/2 million had emigrated out of Ireland.2 The potato failure of the mid to late 1840's has been variably referred to as “The Great Hunger”, “The Great Famine” and “The Great Starvation.” One's choice of words to describe this colossal human tragedy is often determined by political ideology or personal agenda.What is certain is that the Great Famine had a tremendous impact on Ireland; socially, economically and politically.The people of Ireland at this time were so dependent upon the potato that it was a main staple.After the land was taken from the Roman Catholics, Britain it gave to wealthy English and Scottish Protestants.(Litton, 9) In contrast, the Irish families rented the land that they worked from this aristocracy.In 1845 all the potatoes in Ireland were infected and The British were to blame.The British call it “The Great Famine.” The scarcity of food was blamed on the weather, the potato fungus and, perhaps, most of all on the notion of overpopulation.

    There is little doubt that conditions and attitudes in Ireland changed after the Famine, the population declined, the structure of agriculture was altered, housing conditions improved, diet became more varied, marriages became later and fewer. We at THE essay on the irish potato famine MAD REVISIONIST have noticed that it has of essay on the irish potato famine late become.Please note that you must have a minimum of two single spaced pages in 12 po grades on your Coursework.The practice of Conacre/Land Division meant that peasants needed to produce the biggest crop possible.The Irish had over bred and there wasn't enough food to feed them all due to the crop failure.New Orleans, known for its Jazz and French Quarter, has always been threatened by hurricanes.In the early 1800s life in Ireland wasn't easy, Irish citizens got by day to day by farming and relying on the potato.

    essay on the irish potato famine essay on the irish potato famine

    The Irish Potato Famine and Emigration Essay

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