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    parents to blame for obesity essay

    “Before most children can speak, they can recognize Mc Donald’s.” This embarassing truth proves who is to blame for the fast food obesity crisis.One of the most influential factors on children is the parents or guardians that surround them continually.There are several reasons to be concerned about the White House campaign to enlarge these initiatives.However, there may be a misconception when it has to do with obesity, this comes from the idea that obesity is caused by overeating; this is certainly true but there may be other factors that contribute to obesity as well.The message is: there’s nothing wrong with what is on the plate, just serve less of it.Medical practitioners point to weight-related issues including stress on the bones and joints, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and blood fats as well as sleep apnoea and a fatty liver.They should be knowledgeable about nutrition and be able to identify what is healthy for them (Fargo, 2011). Parents are also responsible for controlling the food portions in their child’s diet. Poor eating habits of parents can be passed down to their children, thus encouraging childhood obesity. The findings done by UCLA Center for health policy research (2009) states that children eat what their parents eat.Aside from those children whose uncomfortable weight is a result of a pre-existing medical condition, the cause of this obesity epidemic, and it is an epidemic, is simple: more energy in than energy out.As with President Kennedy's alarm over flabby Americans, however, it seems that the true goal of Mrs.As the obesity rate in America is increasing, people are pointing fingers at the fast-food industry.In , Daniel Lieberman writes: “Since natural selection adapted the human body over the last few million years to consume a diverse diet of fruits, tubers, wild game, seeds, nuts, and other foods that are rich in fibre but low in sugar, it should hardly be surprising that you can develop illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease from consistently eating foods that are loaded with sugar but depleted of fibre.” Social background Paleo-biologists performed DNA footprint analysis of 3,000-10,000-year-old stool samples from caves in Texas and estimated that these cave dwellers consumed about 100g of fibre per day, yet our mean consumption is less than 20g.
    • As the obesity rate in America is increasing, people are pointing fingers at the fast-food industry. Teenagers, with the help of their parents, have filed lawsuits.
    • Blame for childhood obesity Essays. obesity. These author blame parents and schools for inadequate curriculum developed for children both at home and at school.
    • Our society rapidly continues to spring forward in development on a daily basis. These changes, alth
    • Jan 20, 2011 Childhood obesity is a problem. Are parents to blame for childhood obesity? 12 comments. Comments are moderated before they are published.

    parents to blame for obesity essay

    Parents who consume fast foods regularly, their findings prove that their children are more likely to do the same which can result in obesity. Unhealthy eating habits can result in serious health complications for the children such as diabetes and high cholesterol (Stevens, 2009). There is an increasing availability of fast foods that influences children and can result in obesity once consumed often.For example, they can have cardiovascular diseases, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.And more minorities than white people are overweight.” Another question we can ask is: Why would minorities be at of a greater risk, in comparison to everyone else in the general population?By Melissa Healy Imagine for a moment that all of the nation's fast-food establishments _ all the striped awnings and golden arches, the drive-thru windows, the beckoning dollar deals and wafting odor of French fries _ were to vanish overnight.Vin displacer separata his wainscotted and makes nautical poop!An evolutionary perspective suggests that refined sugar is unsuitable for our bodies.It is you that is making poor food choices, allowing your child to make sometimes foods everyday foods, and ruining the future of that child you love so much.In the United States, obesity within minorities is increasing and the obesity rate continues to rise according to the National Center for Health Statistics.This data is shown in “The Battle against Fast Food Begins in the Home,” “26 percent of school children are overweight. It is a function of the foods children eat both at home and at school. The question asked is if you wouldn’t harm your child by injecting then with drugs what are you doing giving them food which is bad for their health? It is interesting to see how wedded people are to their own view of the world. The ad apparently put the emphasis on the child and put the blame on the parents instead of the people writing junk food ads. Furthermore it debunked the notion that there was any direct link between TV watching and childhood obesity despite children being “bombarded” with ads.

    Judge Robert Sweet, who handled all of the cases above, wrote in January 2003 “Mc Donald’s cannot be blamed by consumers who choose to eat there” and “it is not the place of the law to protect them [the accusers] from their own excess.In 2002 a survey was taken by the Center for Public Health Advocacy which revealed some very shocking data.It's such a burden to add to a child who is trying to find their way in the world.The people responsible for feeding children are parents not advertisers. Unless we tell parents that what their children eat is their responsibility we will not see change. This is particularly the case with so called “experts” and people who hold academic and other positions of authority. It found that banning junk food advertising would have no impact on childhood obesity.Obesity is not only one of Australia’s most prevalent public health issues, it is also one of the most dangerous.Who or what is to blame for this health condition, which involves significantly the children of our modern society?Depending on genetics, some people can become obese easier than others can, yet some people can lose weight easier than others can.

    parents to blame for obesity essay parents to blame for obesity essay

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