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    of Robert [Ferrers], 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wemme, by his wife Lady Joan de Beaufort, only dau. of Sir Payn de Rot, Guienne King of Arms), 2nd son of Ralph [Nevill], 1st Earl of Westmorland, by his first wife Lady Margaret de Stafford, 1st dau. (1) Sir Thomas Fairfax, of Walton and Gilling Castle, co. Alice Gascoigne, took the veil after her husband's death (d. The king is said to have approved of the act, but it appears that Gascoigne was removed from his post or resigned soon after the accession of Henry V. All reproduction or reuse is prohibited, in whole or in part, without written permission of the author. Please contact the author about an important source not cited or improperly cited. Joan was born circa 1405 in Cardington, Bedfordshire, England and died of Cardington, Bedfordshire, England. 1350–1419),appointed lord chief justice of the King's Bench in 1400 by Henry IV, he figures in that capacity in Shakespeare's Henry IV.The judge’s brother, Richard (1423), had also sat on Bolingbroke’s council; and he, too, received his due reward, becoming chief steward of the north parts of the duchy of Lancaster.His reputation is that of a great lawyer who in times of doubt and danger asserted the principle that the head of state is subject to law, and that the traditional practice of public officers, or the expressed voice of the nation in parliament, and not the will of the monarch or any part of the legislature, must guide the tribunals of the country.118, whose daughter Elizabeth married John Aske of Aughton, Yorks.He and his heirs made further deposits over the following forty years.Thomas 3rd Lord Fairfax (1671) Usually Sir Thomas Fairfax ' Black Tom'.Topics provide a way to find more content about a subject and do targeted searching on JSTOR.
    • Life and work. Gascoigne's alternately spelled Gascoyne was a descendant of an ancient Yorkshire family. He was born in Gawthorp to Sir William Gascoigne
    • Sir William GASCOIGNE CA 1345 -
    • M. 1 Elizabeth Mowbray w/issue, 2 Jane Pickering but see her Notes. He may the “Sir William Gascoigne, ye justice” in the Yorks 1584-5 visitation, p. 118.
    • Major-General Sir William Julius Gascoigne KCMG – 9 September 1926 was a British Army officer and served as General Officer Commanding the Militia of.

    sir william gascoigne

    Gascoigne immediately committed him to prison, and gave the prince a dressing-down that caused him to acknowledge the justice of the sentence.of Thomas Thirkill), son of Thomas de Barden by his wife Elizabeth Mauduit, dau. of Peter Beccard by his wife Alicia de Greystock, 2nd dau. The village of East, or Great Markham, is built upon the eastern slope of a ridge which separates the valleys of the Idle and the Trent, six miles S. West Markham is a mile distant, just beyond the culminating point, and within the basin of the Idle. 44, agrees, adding that Thomas Arundel, archbishop of Canterbury, concurred with Gascoigne, and that one Ralph Everis, also a knight, was joined with Fulthorp in the special commission. William Gascoigne (1612 – 2 July 1644) was an English astronomer, mathematician and maker of scientific instruments from Middleton, Leeds who invented the micrometer.After the suppression of the rising in the north in 1405, Henry eagerly pressed the chief justice to pronounce sentence upon Lord Scrope, the Archbishop of York, and the Earl Marshal Thomas Mowbray, who had been implicated in the revolt. Abt 1443, Of, Oversley,, England) Family 1: Margaret PERCY (b. Ann GASCOIGNE was born circa 1412 in Gawthorpe, Dewsbury, West Riding, Yorkshire, England and died of Harwood Tower, Yorkshire, England. Children from this marriage were: son of John NEVILLE and Alice SHERWOOD Heiress of her Father, circa 1399.The purpose of the Parliament was to raise a subsidy for yet another French campaign and Cromwell’s speech argues vigorously against it, citing the difficulties of war in a foreign land; the cost; the danger of a king with no son, and only an eight-year-old daughter as heir, adventuring himself in warfare; and most of all, the pointlessness of the exercise.In a couple of them, the name of William Gascoigne cropped up.

    In the late 1630s, Gascoigne, was working on a Keplerian optical arrangement when a thread from a spider’s web happened to become caught at exactly the combined optical focal points of the two lenses.His mother was Margaret Jane, daughter of William Cartwright. He claimed he was educated at the University of Oxford, although no record of this has been found. of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, by his mistress and later third wife Katherine de Swynford, widow of Sir Hugh de Swynford, of Coleby and Kettlethorpe, co. To the south is seen the spire of Tuxford, and in the far-distance, to the eastward, the great mass of Lincoln Cathedral, on its lofty hill, stands out against the sky. Most of these were of non-military subjects, however over 1,400 were uniform studies, with another 3,000 containing accurate drawings of soldiers. I show a marriage date from 1405-1420, obviously an estimate.From the year-books it appears that he argued a case in Hilary term 1374, and he figures not unfrequently as a pleader in Bellewe's ‘Ans du Roy Richard le Second.’ He became one of the king's serjeants in 1397, and was appointed by letters patent attorney to the Duke of Hereford on his banishment, for whom he also held an estate in Yorkshire in trust. He was a trier of petitions in parliament between 1400––4. On the whole the balance of probability seems to incline distinctly against the hitherto received account of his conduct in the case of Scrope, and in favour of Capgrave's explicit statement that he took part in the trial. If we suppose that, though wrong about the year, he was right about the day of the week, then, as 17 Dec.

    sir william gascoigne sir william gascoigne

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