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    They document Macnamara's medical career between 19 and relate particularly to her work at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, her studies under a Rockefeller Fellowship between 1931-33, and her research into poliomyelitis and myxomatosis.However, the work of Bragg and his son Lawrence in 1913-1914 founded a new branch of science of the greatest importance and significance, the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays.Refshauge was a delegate to Labor's State Conference (1984–2005); an executive committee member of the H. Evatt Memorial Foundation; a board member of the Mandela Foundation; and a Fellow of the Senate of the University of Sydney (1983–1986). Papers of Sir William Refshauge, circa 1920-2001 [manuscript] 1920 Refshauge, William.Select the images you want to download, or the whole document. You may save or print this image for research and study.In 1957, he became the first President of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia.Refshauge was born in Armadale, Victoria, the eldest of five siblings."Susan & Kevin Mc Intosh will describe the research and study involved in their newly launched book: The Highland Shepherd - the story of James Mc Intosh and his family.'" Venue: Menzies Room, National Archives of Australia "Celebratory launch of the Jefferis & Whelen Journal at completion of Grant conservation works together with Introduction and Index. Elizabeth has wide experience presenting history 'events' to school children and community groups and often Elizabeth use accoutrements and dress of the day to add realism and colour.From the established positions of argon and helium on the periodic table of elements, Ramsay guessed that more unknown gasses exist, and discovered krypton, neon, and xenon in 1898.His research interests embraced a great many topics and he was an adept at picking up a subject, almost casually, making an important contribution, then dropping it again.He was awarded a travelling fellowship in 1948 and in the United Kingdom and United States he visited the main centres of learning and research in gastroenterology.
    • Nov 26, 2006. one, at first in the hands of W. D. now Sir William Refshauge and then, for 19 years ending in February, 1970, in those of J. C. Laver.
    • New buildings including an infirmary wing Sir Samuel Gillott Wing, corner of. Appointment of first permanent Medical Superintendent, Dr William Refshauge.
    • OLIVER, Sir Thomas Lead poisoning from the industrial, medical, and social points of view. London. REFSHAUGE, Sir William D. 3/44, 3/45, 3/46. RIVETT.
    • Sir William Refshauge AC, CBE. Dec'd. 1978. R. Harris AM, MBE. Dec'd. A. J. Bloomfield AM. Dec'd. 1980. C. R. Newbury CBE. Dec'd. 1982. W. D. Heffron CBE.

    sir william refshauge

    The papers were donated to the Library by Mrs Joan Giles and Mrs Merran Samuel, the daughters of Dame Jean Macnamara, in 1969. Douglas, Chairman of the Vermin and Noxious Weeds Destruction Board of Victoria, in 19. april 1913 i Wangaratta, Victoria i Australia, død 27.One of his four siblings was Dr Joan Refshauge, OBE (1906–1979), a medical practitioner and administrator who did significant work in Papua New Guinea.Whilst dismissing "peace at any price", Sir William notes the human and ecological consequences of war. Major General Sir William Dudley Refshauge, AC, CBE, ED, FRSH (3 April 1913 – ) was an Australian soldier and public health administrator.A room is allocated to the Baby Health Centre Committee so they can conduct an infant care clinic for mothers.One of her brothers was Major General Sir William Dudley Refshauge (1913–2009).Bill (as he was commonly known) was born in Maitland, NSW and graduated from Medicine with honours in 1927.The bed was very comfortable and the staff were very friendly and efficient.Refshauge was the Legislative Assembly representative on the Senate of the University of Sydney between 19 and was the Deputy Leader of the Opposition between 11 April 1988 and 4 April 1995.

    GORDON DAVID LEY (1953 1970) Gordon David Ley was born at Moonee Ponds on 9th September, 1914, the third Child of Thomas David and Marion Grace Ley, the second of his sisters having died at the age of two before he was born. (Honours) thesis (1995), The right man for the right job : Lieutenant General Sir Stanley Savige as a military commander (2006), and A tale of three battalions : combat morale and battle fatigue in the 7th Australian Infantry Brigade, Bougainville, 1944-45 (2007). He attended Scotch College, Melbourne and was selected in the First Eight for the Melbourne Head of the River while still aged only 15, and rowed in three subsequent years.Refshauge originally had planned to retire at the 2007 election but was prompted to go earlier with Carr's retirement and a request by the replacement premier, Morris Iemma that Refshauge stand aside to allow for a new Deputy Premier so that there could be a new leadership team. Maybe our replacement should come in on the same day too.I have to be honest, I wasn't happy with the first room I was given, so I asked to be moved - and I was.Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! He was Honorary Physician to Queen Elizabeth II (1955-64), Director-General of the Commonwealth Department of Health (1960-73), and Secretary-General of the World Medical Association (1973-76). D." Refshauge was born in Wangaratta, Victoria on 3 April 1913, where his father was headmaster of the Wangaratta High School.To test his idea, he designed an experimental means to remove oxygen and nitrogen from the air, and analyzing what remained in collaboration with Lord Rayleigh he found the previously unknown element argon (Ar) in 1894.

    sir william refshauge sir william refshauge

    Ley, Gordon David - Biographical entry - Royal Women's Hospital.

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